Organic BlueberriesSOLD OUT
*Note: We are currently taking orders for ready pick blueberries for the 2020 season.
You can place an order by sending an email to
Bee ProductsLocal Honey$22.00 per Quart
$9.00 per pint
Currently Available: Blackberry, Wildflower, Meadowfoam, Clover
Yacon Products Yacon Crowns-Bareroot crowns$12.00
Yacon Starts (gallon)Sold out for 2021 season
Edible Tubers$4.00 per pound (local only)
Yacon Tea - Bulk$4.00 per ounce (sold in 1 ounce bags)
Lavender Products Lavender Starts (6 inch pots).
Currently Available: Impress Purple, Melissa, Royal Purple, Grosso
Lavender Water (Hydrosol) 4 oz spray in glass bottle.
Currently Available: Melissa
Lavender Essential Oil 5mm glass bottles with Euro drop tamper evident lids$7.00
Lavender Essential Oil 10ml glass bottles with Euro drop tamper evident lids$13.00
Lavender Essential Oil Currently Available: Lovely Ladies Blend, MoonRidge Blend
Lavender / Rosemary Salt Grinder$10.00
Culinary Lavender in Grinder$10.00
Certified Organic CompostSold by the bucket (. 25 yards)$15.00 / bucket
$45 / yard

All products can be ordered  by the following options:

Send an email to

Call our message line, leaving a clear message with your name and telephone number, along with your request.

Text us at 503.705.0886.

Invoices will be sent via PayPal for payment, and products will be shipped upon receipt of your payment unless you are pre-paying for yacon crowns or plant starts.

In order for us to process an order, we will need your name, shipping address, telephone number and requested products.