Growing lavender is another way we can support our ecosystem here at MoonRidge Farms. Lavender is known to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, also supporting our efforts here at the farm.

Lavender is also known to be deer resistant, drought tolerant and with all the wonderful benefits, is a great addition to any garden.

Lavender has been grown worldwide for centuries, but growing is fairly new to the United States and Canada. It is important to check the varietal that will grow in your garden.

It can be grown in raised beds, pots, or directly in your garden in full sun with well drained soil.

Lavender is a great companion plant for roses. It is great for an aphid problem as lavender attracts ladybugs which help with aphid control.

In addition to being a helpful plant in your garden, its beauty and smell creates a wonderful experience as well. It also has health benefits such as use in aromatherapy, teas, sachets and as an addition to other health products. It is now being combined with CBD and other medicinals.

Lavender Field
Acrobats in Lavender Field
Bee on Lavender Plant

Lavender at the Farm


Here on the farm, we grow certified organic lavender.

Our climate here requires that we grow the hardy varieties, lavendula augustifolia and lavendula xintermedia In the United States, l. augustifolia is commonly referred to as an English lavender, while l. xintermedia is commonly known as a French lavender.  

The following varieties are available for order here at the farm:


  • Blue River (l. augustifolia)
  • French Fields (l. augustifolia)
  • Sharon Roberts (l. augustifolia)
  • Royal Velvet (l. augustifolia)
  • Maillette (l. augustifolia)
  • Purple Bouquet (l. augustifolia)
  • Melissa (l. augustifolia)
  • Miss Katherine (l. augustifolia)
  • Buena Vista (l. augustifolia)
  • Folgate (l. augustifolia)


  • Edelweiss (l. intermedia)
  • True Grosso (l. intermedia)
  • Grosso Blue (l. intermedia)
  • Hidcote Giant (l. intermedia)
  • Frangrant Memories (l. intermedia)


We are currently propagating bulk orders for fall 2021 delivery.

For bulk orders, we ask 50% down upon order and balance upon delivery. Starts will be available in the fall 2021.

During the summer we offer U Pick lavender as well as our year round lavender products. We are currently exploring the many options with lavender products, and seek to support local community purveyors.


Lavender Starts (6 inch pots) $6.00/each 

Currently available:

  • Impress Purple
  • Melissa
  • Royal Purple
  • Grosso

 Lavender Water (Hydrosol Distillate)

4 oz spray in blue glass bottle**: $10.00

8 0z refill in blue glass bottle**: $18.00

Currently available:

  • Melissa
  • Lovely Ladies
  • Moonridge Blend
  • Frend Fields Blend

Lavender Essential Oil

5ml blue glass bottles** with Euro drop tamper evident lids $7.00

10ml blue glass bottles** with Euro drop tamper evident lids $13.00

Currently availalbe:

  • Lovely Ladies Blend
  • MoonRidge Blend
  • French Fields Blend

Bath Salts: $10.00 for 8 0z jar.

Currently available:

  • Dream (Lavender)
  • Breathe (Lavender and Thyme)

Lavender Sugar Scrub: $10.00 for 8 oz jar with cork top and spoon.

Lavender Lotion Bar: $10.00 

Made from certified organic coconut buter, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils.

Lavender / Rosemary Salt Grinder: $10.00

Culinary Lavender in Grinder: $10.00


**Our products are sold in glass containers that can be resused or returned to us. We try very hard to limit our use of plastic and find these blue glass containers ideal for maintaining the quality of our lavender products.

Family in Lavender Field
Bee Close Up on Lavender
Solar Panel in Lavender Field