Let us introduce you to our breeding family : Charlie, Carmello, and Latte are the boys. Snowflake, Bunny and Velvet are the lovely ladies!

Charlie, the Man



Why should you eat rabbit meat??

Yes, it does really taste like chicken! And it is good for you!

Rabbit meat has:

  1. A high percentage of digestable protein.
  2. Is almost cholesterol free and therefore heart healthy
  3. Sodium content is less than other meats.
  4. High levels of calcium and phosphorus
  5. A high production value utilizing resources efficiently. Rabbits are one of the most productive domestic livestock animal there is. Rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as the cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.


Rabbit can be replaced for chicken in any recipe. The meat is lean should not be over cooked.

Our rabbits are fed farm raised organic produce and certified organic alfalfa base feed.

In addition to the meat provided to the farm, our rabbits play an integral part in the health of the soil in our tomato house. During the winter months, the rabbits reside in the tomato house depositing their fertilizer. In the spring, they are moved out, the soil is tilled, and the cover crop is planted in preparation for the May/June planting of our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other select crops.

Come and visit our family of rabbits on Rabbit Row!

Pricing :
$8.00/lb (Average 3-4 lbs per rabbit) SOLD OUT