to MoonRidge Farms

Welcome to Moon Ridge Farms. It is a busy and fun place to visit.

We currently offer certified organic Blueberries, Blackberries, Seasonal Veggies, Yacon products and Flowers.

We can also host you at our Farm Stay! This is where you can rent our farmhouse for a few days or longer. It’s a great way to visit the farm and to enjoy the beautiful Oregon landscape, as well as getting a taste of farm life.

Visit us at 25113 S Ridge Rd., Beavercreek, OR 97004

What’s Happening
At MoonRidge Farms

We rode out the winter ice storm and survived without electricity for 12 days. Kept the greenhouse from freezing with a generators so we were glad to get a full nights sleep after the power came back on! Lots of peripheral damage to the forest which is heartbreaking….and will be a lifetime of clean up….our ongoing exercise program! 

The chicken coop area took the most structural damage with a tree taking out the fencing between the chicken run and rose garden. All the blueberry fencing came down as well. It was quite a disaster zone!

Clean up is ongoing along with spring garden prep. The coop area is cleaned up, tree cleared and even got the coop moved, floor repaired and all painted . Getting ready to spring chicks in June!

Fencing is back up and lots of wood cut, limbs hauled and the mowing has started. The fields are prepped and tomato house is getting ready for the “tenders” to get planted.

Our yacon season went great as we sold out of crowns and plant starts for the early 2021 season. We are now taking orders for the fall harvest and planting all of our yacon plant starts. They look great this year and are looking forward to starting the leaf harvest for the tea. 

The blueberry fields were pruned and cleaned in full this year. The fields are all in bloom and looking very happy. We will continue to monitor the berries and will provide updates as we approach the U Pick season. 

Farm in Winter Storm
Winter Cleanup Blueberry Fields
Yacon Starts

Dinner in the Fields

As we prepare for the summer, we are excited to be a part of the Dinner in the Fields series sponsored by Vine & Field events and Catering. We will be joining them for two events this summer in June and in July.

We encourage you to join us 19 Jun 2021 for extraordinary views and wine from King’s Raven Winery and a wonderful 6-7 course family-style dinner incorporating goodies from our MoonRidge Farms!

Here’s the link to the event:

Dinner in the Field at King’s Raven Winery with MoonRidge Farms

King’s Raven Winery, established in 1999 and family owned and operated since 1942, is known for wine with history as rich as the land. Hand crafted and estate grown in the North Willamette Valley, this winery encompasses the rich Oregon wine history Field & Vine strives to partner with.

On 16 Jul 2021, we are excited to join the event at the beautiful Campbell Lane Winery!

The Campbell family’s passion for the land and process has directly correlated into their business and wine. It started as they hand cleared the fruit orchards that sprinkled Pete’s Mountain and began the plantings that would become the largest Pinot Gris vineyard in the U.S. at the time, sitting above the Willamette River and looking out to Mt. Hood. Today, family members take the next step. As they introduce their craft wines bearing the name of that country road and the Clan Campbell Coat of Arms, a symbol of courage and hospitality.

We will join the winery in hosting the 6-7 course family-style meal on the beautiful Pete’s Mountain with MoonRidge Farms!

Here’s the link to this event:

Dinner in the Field at Campbell Lane Winery with MoonRidge Farms

Other News at the Farm

Currently we are offering yacon tea, yacon syrup and plant products so you can grow your own special yacon garden. You can pre-order crowns for the fall harvest, and plant starts for spring 2022.

Our lavender harvest has found its way into some fun MoonRidge products. In addition to the U Pick lavender, we are able to offer several lavender products to our farm friends. Essential oils, hydrosol (lavender water), culinary lavender and lavender rosemary salt. In addition we offer a sugar scrub and two bath salts (Breathe and Dream), as well as a lavender lotion bar. These items are listed on our website and can be purchased by mail or direct pick up!

We are excited to continue hosting at our farm for our upcoming guests. In addition to our online booking thru our website, we are also participating in Yonder, a new booking service that specializes in offering outdoor experiences focusing on environmental stewardship.

Check out our listing on Yonder.

Bee in yellow flower

About the Farm

We continue to be members of the Tri-County Farms and Mollala Country Farm Loop! The Tri-County Farm brochure is a great resource for u- pick and ready pick farms in the area. Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce Guides will be available at the farm and various community locations throughout the season.

The Molalla Country Farm Loop features farms and local businesses in the area that provide an interesting rural experience for those who want to take a little time to explore the area. We will be sharing events throughout the season and will provide updates of Farm Loop events as well.

Oregon Farm Loop is another great resources for farm loops in and around Portland. Each loop has 15 – 20 farm stops, letting you enjoy a wide variety of farm experiences.

Our storefront is stocked with bulk organic teas, jams, honey and other gardening goodies!

As always we are actively seeking volunteers and community members who might want to get involved in our efforts here at the farm and in our community! Let us know what you are interested in! We can always use help keeping up with the weeds, tending to the flower gardens and maintenance of all kinds!

Our ongoing offers include: picnic areas, a medicine wheel labyrinth walk, forest trails. During the summer we offer U-Pick produce, flowers, and farm fun along with our family of farm.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to come out to enjoy a nice walk in the forest or around the labyrinth or maybe a weekend get-away to the farm.

Stay at the Farm

We offer a cozy escape to the quiet country. Our farm house can host up to 6 overnight guests, and offers living area with a gas fireplace, a full kitchen and bath. 

The farm is deep cleaned and sanitized between guests, along with air purifiers running at all times. Two days are blocked between guest to ensure a safe and sanitary stay.  

It’s perfect for a family get-away, small corporate gathering or perhaps a personal retreat in a country setting? Daisy, Daphne and Bandito the goats, along with the hens and rabbits are also looking forward to sharing the farm this year.

We also offer an RV spot for your stay at the farm. Electric and water hook up are available. You can reserve your spot for your summer stay.

Make your reservation for a country stay and enjoy this beautiful spot with family and friends. We look forward to sharing our farm and the peaceful countryside with you.

Check out our simple booking tool for the MoonRidge Farmstay. We are excited about this tool and hope you will find it fun and easy to use as well. We are also included on Farmstayus.com, a great site about farm stays in the US.

If for any reason you are not able to book online, Contact us directly and we can assist with your booking, help prepare for your visit, or send a gift certificate to a special friend or family member.

Bee in Flowers
Goats in field
Ladybug in Lilly