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What’s Happening
At MoonRidge Farms

Wishing you all a year filled with love and blessings… 2017 was a year filled with challenges for a lot of us, but also filled with thanksgiving, opportunities to stand in the light over the darkness and a time to share our love with each other every day in every way.

In the year 2017 we focused on our own home and took on a construction project that was supposed to be done in 2 months. We are now just finishing up after 7 long and challenging months of chaos and frustration. We are so thankful to have our home back and look forward to settling back in and will now turn our focus to the farm during this new year.

We often wondered what the hawks see when they fly over the farm. It would certainly give a different feeling than looking at google earth. Well this past summer we were able to get that experience through technology. As we were enjoying hosting campers, for the big eclipse event in August, we were approached by one of the guest asking if we wanted a drone video of the farm. We agreed and he produced an amazing video. This drone video footage shows the blueberry and lavender fields as well as the surrounding woodlands. Now we know a little bit of what our hawks see. A special thanks to Chris and Maria Bushey for producing this video.

The farm season was a bit overshadowed by storm damage to our tomato hoop house and roof damage to our farm stay. We were still able to enjoyed the season and all the guests who came to visit our farm. We continue to enjoy sharing the farmstay and the land that we call home.

We also want to apologize for the communication and web challenges in 2017, as we had 4 “web masters” during the year. We have confidence that our current will be able to sort things out to provide us with an updated look to the website, better communication and information updates on a regular basis. We are planning upgrades to the website, improvements in the Newsletters and a better social media presence.

This year also included a bit of vacation time for us in Iceland. It was a beautiful and magical place with lovely people. A favorite adventure included riding the amazing Icelandic horses, sleeping in a plastic bubble under the stars, and seeing the incredible northern lights. The “plastic bubble” is definitely on Lauren’s wish list for the farm.

We feel very blessed this past year, although at times it has pushed us to our limits. We remind each other to find the joy and magic in each day. We look forward to this next farm season, and so enjoy farm family and friends who reach out to connect. Again, we appreciate your efforts to maintain these precious relationships and look forward to our connections in 2018.

As we begin the new year, we continue the winter repairs and we are enjoying the completed the yacon harvest in preparation for the late winter plantings. We just finished our first batch of yummy yacon sauce which we will plan to sample during our initial weekend event in early May, the Spring Garden Show in Canby, Oregon.

Although we are currently closed for the season, we are always available to share the farm, offer our year round items and offer what we have learned about growing yacon!

Our yacon crowns are currently available for sale and plant starts will be available for sale and shipping in late winter. We hope you will consider this fun plant when planning your next seasononal garden. Let us know if you have any questions, as we are always here to help you learn about Yacon and be successful growing this plant.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to come out to enjoy a nice walk in the forest or around the labyrinth or maybe a weekend get-away to the farm.

We have enjoyed the wonderful guests that have come to the “Farm Stay”. The “Farm Stay” is open year-round depending upon booking availability. It is a cozy getaway, week day office gatherings or a special birthday party space. We also offer gift certificates for the special someone who might enjoy a “bit of country”.

Check out our simple booking tool for the MoonRidge Farmstay. We are excited about this tool and hope you will find it fun and easy to use as well. We are also included on Farmstayus.com, a great site about farm stays in the US.

If for any reason are not able to book online, Contact us directly and we can assist with your booking, help prepare for your visit, or send a gift certificate to a special friend or family member.

Our winter storefront is stocked bagged and bulk organic teas, jams, syrups, honey and gardening goodies!

We continue our memberships with the Tri-County Farms and Mollala Farm Loop! The Tri-County Farm brochure is a great resource for u-pick and ready pick farms in the area. Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce Guides will be available at the farm and various community locations throughout the season. The Molalla Farm Loop features farms and local businesses in the area that provide an interesting rural experience for those who want to take a little time to explore the area. Maps are also available at the farm, or online.

As always we are actively seeking volunteers and community members who might want to get involved in our efforts here at the farm and in our community! Let us know what you are interested in! We can always use help keeping up with the weeds, tending to the flower gardens and maintenance of all kinds!

MoonRidge Farms offers: picnic areas, a walk in our medicine wheel labyrinth, forest trails and backyard event areas for small gatherings! During the summer we offer U-Pick blueberries, fresh produce, flowers, and other farm experiences with our family of farm animals… Buster and Diego (male goats) who is getting up in age but are still as noisy as ever! The girl goats (does), Daisy and Bella are healthy and happy in the fields! Our wonderful flock of Turkins, our working chickens, that are laying lovely big brown eggs. Our current waggle of pugs… Pixie, Sugar and our big boy “Thunder!” We look forward to sharing our farm and the peaceful countryside with you!