Welcome To Our Pug family!
We have raised, adopted, loved and lost generations of Pugs over the years, and they have a firm hold on our hearts. Our pugs are amazing companions providing love and laughter.

One of the oldest breeds, dating back to 400BC, the pug breed has become a family favorite for many.

Evidence of pug ownership dates back to the Chinese Emperors who enjoyed them as foot warmers, and devoted companions. Pugs can be seen in paintings and photos all over the world, and came in all colors.

Registered with the AKC in 1885, this special dog has grown in popularity for many reasons. They are medium in size with a huge personality! The pug has great temperament and most are eager to please although they do have a stubborn streak!

But don't worry, they will steal your heart and bring laughter to your home. Young pugs are quite active and should have plenty of exercise time for a healthy and happy family member.

As pugs age, they slow down and are an easy companion, however for good health they should remain active and slim.
Award winning Pixie and Mabel at 7 weeks, born 3/24/04

Samantha, Age 15

The Pug Grumble
Our current grumble (Pack of pugs) includes 4 pugs of various ages and colors.

Samantha "Sammie" is the elder and was adopted from Pacific Pug Rescue in 2019 at the age of 13. She is deaf and has some vision loss as well, but at 13 remains a very spry and active girl.

She is very attentive and "reads" hand signals very well. She loves her food, treats, and a nice soft bed! Sammie is our fawn pug, the most common color for pugs with a single coarse coat.

Odie was also adopted from Pacific Pug rescue in October of 2018 at the age of 11. He is a bit slow with lots of joint issues and some vision loss as well. He has bad knees and hips, making him a bit slow...except when it is dinner time!

This big boy has been a joy with his big personality and sweet demeanor. Odie is a brindle pug with a beautiful soft coat double coat.

Sugar, our white pug was adopted in 2016 at the age of 3. She came to us looking pretty pitiful and had recently whelped a litter.

She is a bit slow to trust and had some unusual behaviors in the beginning, but over the years has risen to the status of "queen" of the grumble and enjoys her life here at the farm. She loves the fireplace and is our devoted "cuddler".

Our most recent addition is Ruthie, a beautiful black girl born in Aug 2019. She is a busy girl and a bit of an adjustment to this "senior" fold, although Sammie has taken of the role of big sister, and Sugar just tolerates her.

She is a bit leery of Odie as he is big and has a big bite! Ruthie is such a sweetie, very bright and always in to something.

Her favorite playmate is our big, black old cat, Zoro!
Welcome A Pug Into Your Family
Let us know if you have questions about bringing a pug into your home and family. If you are considering a puppy, please be sure to do your research and ensure you are getting a puppy from a reputable, experienced breeder.

And if you have room in your heart for an older dog, please consider a senior, they will never disappoint you!

We have worked with our local rescue, Pacific Pug Rescue and highly recommend your support and donations to this great organization.

The pug community is tight, and there are groups on social media and rescue groups all over the world to explore.

We love the breed and support the worldwide efforts to recognize pugs of all colors! If you are a pug family, we would love to hear from you, and of course would welcome a visit.
Ruthie, 4 Months Old